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Ying Yang Twins


Approximate number of strip clubs in the Greater Atlanta area: 80. In Lawrence: two. Whether this spells disaster for the Ying Yang Twins' after-show entertainment plans remains to be seen. Duo D-Roc and Kaine's crunk canon is anchored primarily by their affinity for all things carnal, tempered with a bit of gimmickry (aping the Seven Dwarves on 2000's "Whistle While You Twurk") and longtime collaborator Mr. Collipark's club-evocative boardwork. But to write off the Twins' catalog as nothing but ribaldry à la "Wait (The Whisper Song)" is to take them at face value. You can catch the flip side on politically motivated tracks such as "Ghetto Classics," which fires off reasons that, like Michael Jackson, they don't care about us. The pair's latest full-length, Chemically Imbalanced, promises a fuller (if not deeper) exploration of that duality. Wonder if their contract requires that they get paid strictly in ones?

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