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Saturday, August 9, at Replay Lounge.


Before departing the local hardcore scene to attempt a hostile takeover of Seattle, Wormwood built a reputation for incendiary live shows that pounded audiences into submission. The quintet's unique setup (two bassists, a keyboardist, a sampling whiz and a drummer) eschews the guitarcentric palate from which most heavy bands draw inspiration. Instead, Wormwood creates eerie grindcore sludgescapes that rock mightily while sending a chill up the listener's spine. The group's predilection for Cookie Monster-like growling places it alongside a number of moshworthy peers, including the Esoteric, with which Wormwood recently completed a split single. The band is embroiled in an ambitious six-week trek that will see it worm its way across the country, beginning in Seattle, then making its way to New York and back again. Celebratory homecoming stops in KC and Lawrence should rank among the tour's highlights.

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