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When Whispers are Really Roundhouses

A Star columnist shows his talent for understatement about a pitcher whose right hook was caught on this video.

Kansas City Star columnist Jeffrey Flanagan showed a gift for understatement as he sent off Runelvys Hernandez, the fat and ineffective pitcher the Royals released recently.

In a December 14 piece, Flanagan lamented the unfulfilled potential of a starter who had pitched decently in the first half of his four-year career with the Royals. Flanagan wrote that the excess poundage Hernandez has sported surely contributed to the Royals’ decision to cut ties.

Then Flanagan ventured: “Just as disturbing, perhaps, were the whispers in the Royals’ clubhouse that Hernandez wasn’t exactly the ideal teammate.”

Whispers? Actually, the right hander’s inability to get along with his teammates was caught on tape. In the video below, a camera recorded the punches he and catcher John Buck exchanged in the dugout during a September 12 game in Cleveland.

Perhaps next week Flanagan will follow this column up with one revealing that, according to rumbles at Arrowhead, Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt is feeling a little rundown.

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