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We Are Scientists

Thursday, March 23, at the Record Bar.


Writing about We Are Scientists is dangerous. Consider the journalist who spoke ill of the band, only to get fired, faint and suffer his own dog pooing on his face, leading the band to warn critics on its Web site: "If they must vent negative feelings, they should cloak them in a thick blanket of bone-dry sarcasm so that most readers think the article is actually positive." What more can be said concerning We Are Scientists, other than the fact that, though its hook-heavy full-length With Love & Squalor inspires head-nodding of above-average gusto, the group still sounds an awful lot like the Killers and Franz Ferdinand, but in a good way? Perhaps just that bassist Chris Cain's moustache lends him an air of arch enthusiasm rather than predatory unseemliness. Seriously, it's fantastic.

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