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Water Pressure

Letters from the week of February 20, 2003

Hydro phobia: Thanks for Casey Logan's revealing article about the waste of water by the city departments ("Take a Leak!" February 6). My water bill increased last year, and I wondered why. Now I know it's because the Water Department allows 24 percent of its TREATED water to go down the drain.

Hey, Water Department, next time you want to increase rates, look for ALL the ways you can save money from within before raising the rates of the citizens who use the water.

Thanks for costing your department about $40,000 a year. Get it together, people.
Rudolph Pieters
Kansas City, Missouri

Growth Chart
Pain in the grass: This is regarding Helen Foster's comment about Raytown and the Pitch quoting it in large print next to the article. What an original, brilliant, witty remark. No one has ever thought of ripping on Raytown before. I can't blame the Pitch for highlighting the comment, because it is just so damn funny.

I live in Raytown, but because I don't care what 99.999 percent of other people think, the constant Raytown bashing actually amuses me. I can laugh because I don't have to worry about multiple-story developments going up across the street from my house. I can relax because my street is not a "drag strip for morning commuters." I can take it easy knowing that I don't live in a neighborhood dominated by rundown rental properties. I can easily see the stars at night from my backyard.

The people in the article are well aware that the area they CHOOSE to live in is mostly rental properties. With all the development going on around the Plaza, it is inevitable that there will be development in their neighborhood. The entire article was about a nonissue. The people who own the land are legally developing it the way they choose. This so-called story was really just a full-page whining session. Did Nathan Kline consider himself a "transient" when he was renting in the area? Did Helen Foster expect her neighborhood to remain exactly the same for 43 years?

I've never seen an outhouse in Raytown, but if there is one, I bet it has a copy of the Pitch floating in it.
William Bowman

Teacher's pest: No one is more sympathetic toward neighborhood preservation than I, but I feel it's a sad day when a preschool teacher seeking to preserve the integrity of her Plaza neighborhood tries to do so by verbally abusing another area of town, which she apparently knows nothing about. I have been a homeowner in Raytown for a number of years, and I know for a fact that we enjoy better schools, better city services and better government than she can claim for her neighborhood.

There are no outhouses in Raytown, but there is a sense of small-town pride in our community, and a citizenry that enjoys its independence from big-city government. I submit that aside from a neighborhood dispute, what really stinks in Ben Paynter's article is a preschool teacher's potty mouth and the Pitch's willingness to print what comes out of it.
Saphira Dil Rain

Primate Eye
Chimp change: Regarding Allie Johnson's "Animal Control Freak" (January 16): I am very saddened to see that an officer is allowed to harass someone in this manner. A law-abiding citizen is perfectly within his legal rights to refuse access to his property unless the officer has sufficient evidence to get a warrant, which obviously he did not. Even after hiding and stalking these people for several years, he still did not get a warrant. This is totally wrong. Private property is just that: PRIVATE.

The Savorellis have taken the time to learn the laws and regulations and appear to be following them. They are USDA-licensed and have the proper facilities, according to the USDA. They also provide entertainment for the area as well as an educational experience. This sounds to me like a man who is just angry because someone told him NO.

Every U.S. citizen has the fundamental right to say who is allowed to come on their private property. If this is not the case, I certainly have been mistaken all these years about what the U.S.A. is all about.
Mary Overton
Winston, Missouri

Wired Up
Bella Donnas: I just wanted to commend Rob Harvilla on his incredibly refreshing style of writing ("Live Wires," February 13). Wish I had that kind of talent! He did an excellent job, man. I'll be looking forward to his next episode.
Saira Rausch
Kansas City, Kansas

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