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Wacky Fun With Shanks


Christmas at the Kansas governor's mansion features a time-honored tradition: a rousing round of Don't Drop the Soap. Designed by 23-year-old John Sebelius (son of Kathleen), the board game plays like an R-rated version of Mouse Trap. Players try to survive life in the joint by stealing painkillers from the nurse's desk, avoiding the Aryans in the shower room and fighting off Latin Kings in the courtyard. "I've always been interested in gang life," John explains. "Mainly because no gang would ever accept me." With the full support of mum and help from Kansas City's Discovery Concepts, John recently minted 3,000 copies of his creation. He hopes to connect with retailers such as Urban Outfitters to market the game (retailing at $42), and he'll celebrate its release with a free party from 7 to 10 p.m. tonight at Hobbs in downtown Lawrence (700 Massachusetts, 785-331-4622). The game has already become a hit with the security officers at the governor's mansion. "If I have the respect of the law force, I think I'll be OK," John says.
Thu., Jan. 31, 2008

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