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Saturday, October 22, at the Replay.


It's hard to believe it's been three years since Proudentall hung its hat for good at the Replay — the memory loss has gotta be because of those crazy-strong, cheap drinks. While we were still hung over, Proundentallers Sean Bergman (vocals, guitar) and Bill Ning (bass) formed Volara, a rare Lawrence-Kansas City hybrid, with Brandon Akin (guitar) and Paul Ackerman (drums). Constantly switching and mixing clean and distorted guitars, Bergman and Akin (the Lawrence division) would set the mood with engaging, rhythmic interplay. But just when you'd think they were gonna get all nerdy and space-rock on you, Ning's bass, Ackerman's precise drumming and Bergman's smooth, steady voice would bring it down to the awesomely dirty bar you were standing in. So it's a damn shame that, even with a release in the works, Volara's time is coming to a close with a farewell concert at the Replay. So pull up to the bar, order a double and make sure Volara isn't the best local band you never saw.

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