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The latest in a recent line of psychedelic dance acts brought to Lawrence by Cicada Rhythm is Vibesquad, a one-man crunkadelic squadron from Erie, Colorado. Saturday at the Jackpot, Aaron Holstein, the man behind the squad, gets busy with both live instruments and DJ gear, producing the kind of sound that Lawrence kids eat up: an anti-category mishmash of grimy, electro-fied goods, generally low in BPM. A regular beat chameleon, Holstein also has a side project called Zilla, in which he teams up with Michael Travis from the String Cheese Incident and with dulcimer wiz Jamie Janover. As for Cicada Rhythm, now that they have their Lawrence thing locked down, might this year see a return to KC? Word is, Cicada might have a hand in a fourth Chaos Theory party this year. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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