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Logan's Sanctuary Original Soundtrack (Emperor Norton)


Be not excited, pasty-faced geeks. Logan's Sanctuary is not the cause for celebration science-fiction fans might think it is, because the soundtrack to the sequel of Logan's Run offers music for a movie that does not exist. Second in Emperor Norton's oddly fascinating fake-soundtrack series, following last year's alleged blaxploitation movie score, Soul Ecstasy, Logan's Sanctuary finds The Moog Cookbook's Roger Joseph Manning Jr. partnering with Brian Reitzell, current studio drummer for Air. The synopsis of the film's purported plot explains that Logan and other survivors of the domed city have fallen ill and fellow survivor Ian must find a cure. Venturing to Pleasure Dome 12, Ian gets strung out on Raynbo, "an illicit designer drug that intensifies the mind-numbing experience of Robo-Sex," according to the liner notes.

Fittingly, the analog keyboard-heavy score sounds like music for robot porn. It's nifty electronic junk, gloriously dated, pulsing, and warm. Rocker Jason Falkner makes an appearance to sing Logan's Sanctuary's theme, "Search for Tomorrow," which surely would have been a hit had it been released 30 years earlier. And even though this album's fictional film counterpart will never appear on the big screen, watching the original Logan's Run is an acceptable way to get in the mood. Go ahead and flip on TBS -- it'll be on right after The Beastmaster.

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