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"I Stand Corrected," by Vampire Weekend, from Vampire Weekend (XL):

For all the talk of Afro-pop influences on Vampire Weekend's self-titled debut, you'd think these guys were the heirs apparent to Fela Kuti. Truth is, they're about as African as Paul Simon. Still, there's something exotic about the syncopated bongo rhythms and quaint, clean guitar lines that inform the group's Ivy League indie pop. One lick of "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa," and you're hooked, even if you can't quite figure out how Peter Gabriel got involved. The song "Boston" might even ignite a flurry of skanking, with its 2 Tone ska infusions. With musicianship oozing out their ears, these Vampires won't make zombies of even the most leery audiences.

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