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Kansas City's transgender community learns to help itself

What it's like to be transgender in Kansas City.



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Relationships have always been tricky for Gus. He has struggled to understand the source of a woman's attraction. He also has had trouble explaining his journey. Gus' feelings about the role of fatherhood, however, have never wavered. He adopted an ex-girlfriend's son and has considered asking his fiancée to sign a prenuptial agreement that would grant him sole custody of any children that might result from their marriage.

"I can't have biological children," Gus says, "but I'm aware of the permanence of making a commitment to a child."

His own father's beliefs continue to shape Gus. For him, the value in living as a man comes from the virtues of his father's generation: chivalry, courtesy and stoicism.

"On his deathbed, my dad told me I was a good man," Gus says.

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