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Tracy and the Plastics

Saturday, October 18, at Spitfire.


Like Gorillaz for the academic feminist set, Wynne Greenwood's Tracy and the Plastics project uses fictional videotaped characters to simulate live performance. In this case, the players aren't animated -- Greenwood herself depicts singer Tracy, keyboardist Nikki and drummer Cola. Her personas are just one part of the audiovisual interaction; lo-fi images correlate exactly with her sounds, turning a cymbal click into the soundtrack for a shaking fingernail-polish bottle. Greenwood explains her art using terms such as "inherent hierarchical dynamics" and "mythologies about the construction of cohesive identities," and spectators willing to ponder the ramifications of prerecorded footage receiving emphasis equal to the actual entertainer might reach an epiphany or two. Deep thinkers might enjoy the proceedings on another level, but observers who just want an electrobeat-driven dynamite dance party will get their wish as well.

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