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“I would remind Mr. Kobach that Sen. Brownback’s seat could use an upgrade and that we legitimate citizens and legal immigrants would vote for him.”

Backwash, January 11

Fraud Squad
Thank you very much for your item on how to commit mortgage fraud. You gave me a good laugh over coffee today! It is more important than ever that every homeowner and every future homeowner, our college students and kids alike, beware of mortgage fraud.

The most important thing to remember: If it seems too good to be true, it is! The second thing is, don't lie. If a real-estate or mortgage professional is leading you in a deceptive direction, you go down — most often, they don't. Do your research and work with companies you trust. When in doubt, ask questions and share information.

We have posted your article on our mortgage-fraud discussion board,, and our company sponsors If your readers have any questions or wish to report any bad guys, we would be happy to help.

Working together, we can stop these criminals! Cindi Dixon, Coral Springs, Florida

Feature: "Back to School With Kris Kobach," January 4

Southern Cross
As a Hispanic, I found Carolyn Szczepanski's article on Kris Kobach very enlightening. Those who extol the concept of open-mindedness are the first ones to squelch free speech when it does not align itself with their interests. Mr. Kobach appears to have come under the zealous and aggressive sights of Mrs. Jessica Allen-Piedra mostly because she chose to marry an illegal alien and chose to not follow her husband back to Mexico. Having lived there for several years, I can attest that she would have been able to study law at a local school.

The lineup of those who try to smear Mr. Kobach is made up of immigration lawyers whose livelihood depends on staying in the good graces of the illegal-alien community. Some of these fine fellows even studied constitutional law under Mr. Kobach.

As a Hispanic who votes regularly on issues and not parties, I would remind Mr. Kobach that Sen. Brownback's seat could use an upgrade and that we legitimate citizens and legal immigrants would vote for him. Many of us are silently aghast at the volume and low quality of foreigners hiding in the open in our communities.

We need more good upstanding and uncompromising good men like Mr. Kobach. This Hispanic would vote for him. Carlos M. Rodriguez, Overland Park Law and Border
As a lawyer, I found your article on Kris Kobach troubling. He has made a name for himself pushing poor policy that often seems to have hate as an underpinning while puffing his credentials.

That most students get caught up in his fame rather than looking at his substance is disappointing. That Dean Ellen Suni takes such an ineffectual stance is one example of why UMKC lags behind the law schools at KU and Washburn. Ron Schneider, Topeka

Feature: "The Last Temptation of Dougie," December 21

Poking Holes
Your article concerning Doug Rosenbrook put not only my name but also my pictures into print. This seems to connect me with what are purely his own sexual fetishes and not my own.

I am comfortable with the piercings I performed in the context in which I performed them. However, I feel as though the article connected me unfairly with extreme fetishes, which I do not condone. Tif, Kansas City, Missouri

Stage, January 11

Backstage Pass
I'd like to commend Alan Scherstuhl for his spot-on review of Death and the Publican and Collisions. I couldn't agree more with his comments concerning the dialogue of today's youth and the presentation of the material.

I would like to point out a few errors I noticed in the text. Mr. Scherstuhl named Tyler Miller as the producer and set designer of the two one-acts. While Mr. Miller's dedication as a production manager was instrumental in the acquisition of many elements, from rehearsal space to personnel, it is important to recognize those people who did hold the producer and designer roles. Bill and Janet Rogers were the producers, and David Hawkinson was the set designer.

I enjoyed the article and look forward to more great productions out of all of these talented people and Just Off Broadway. Sara LaVigne, Kansas City, Missouri

Café, December 21

Curry Favor
Charles Ferruzza's article about the little Indian restaurant on 39th Street didn't give Harry Kumar and his establishment enough credit.

I have eaten at six or so local Indian restaurants, and the service at all of them ranged from mediocre to downright rude. Taj Palace is the only place in town where every single time you enter the building, you are greeted by an incredibly friendly staff. The food is awesome, and Harry always makes a point to visit the table and make each experience lovely.

When I worked at the former Joe D's on 39th, Harry would bring us appetizers on his own accord to spice up our nights. I hope people go try his restaurant because it is pretty damn great. Blythe Cooper, Kansas City Missouri

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