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Jacki Becker


Many music fans find it time-consuming enough to keep up with the latest Swedish export or band of Brooklyn heartthrobs. Some can rattle off the hottest indie labels. And there are an elite few who know the poster designers, sound mixers and concert promoters.

We belong somewhere five steps behind ... the first set. Promoters? We appreciate their efforts, but is it really necessary to recognize their names?

Yes — when that person is Jacki Becker of Up to Eleven Productions.

Those in the know assure us that no one has brought more desirable bands to more venues in the Midwest. What recently endeared Becker to us is that she organized Lawrence's upcoming Bleeding Kansas Festival, featuring bands such as Broken Social Scene, Mates of State, Death Cab for Cutie, the Secret Machines and the Juan Maclean.

Bringing in hip bands, setting up free afterparties in the town's best bars, ensuring that everything stays remarkably affordable — all rad points. But what's really cool is that her festival is a celebration of Lawrence for what it really is: an oasis of art and music in an increasingly conservative state.

That's why this week we love Jacki Becker.

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