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They'll Fly Away

When artists travel, they don't bring back lame souvenirs.


Wade Eldean's "Mike, Andy and Pop's Landscaping Service" project -- a conceptual combination of art and lawn work -- captured the aesthetic of his suburban surroundings: A trimmed yard covered with Happy Meal toys spoke volumes about its environment. Eldean then moved on to explore a much different setting, spending a month in Ajijic, Mexico, on a grant from the Lighton International Artists Exchange Program. There he collaborated with muralist Efren Gonzalez and completed his "Thinking About ... " series, in which items within thought bubbles (ladybugs, bananas) reveal the preoccupations of the subjects in his portraits -- whose faces he made of yarn, inspired by the Mexican Indian Huichol culture. In an appealing twist on the vacation slide show, Eldean and five other artists share the fruits of their travels at the Kansas City Artists Coalition studio (201 Wyandotte, 816-421-5222). Laura DeAngelis, Hesse McGraw and Eric von Robertson describe their creatively charged immersion experiences at 7 p.m. Thursday; Eldean and Anna Calluori Holcombe speak at 7 p.m. Friday. -- Andrew Miller

Brain Food
Feed your mind and the rest will follow.

FRI 7/22
Friday's Feed Your Mind explores the relationship among politics, history and visual art in East Asia. The first in a series of panel discussions at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art (4420 Warwick), the confab spotlights the musings of experts from each field: Hong Zhang is a visual artist, John Kennedy is a political science professor at the University of Kansas, and Sean C. B. Kim is an East Asian languages and civilization specialist visiting from Bentley College. The three dissect the work in the exhibit Past in Reverse: Contemporary Art of East Asia, in which artists use both traditional and contemporary techniques in an effort to fuse Asia's rich history with its ambitious future. Attendees have the option to feed their bellies, too, with $8 boxed lunches from Café Sebastienne. The free event starts at noon; reservations are required. Contact Kristy Peterson at 816-753-5784 to secure a spot. -- Todd Broockerd

Market Value
Wait 'til the farmers see these rides.

SUN 7/24
At the City Market (Fifth Street and Walnut), urban dwellers pore through more than 140 vendor stalls seeking farm-fresh strawberries, fondling ears of corn, sniffing herbs and admiring ... some really sweet wheels. In conjunction with area auto clubs, the market now boasts Art of the Machine, a weekly display of vintage vehicles. Sunday's car stars are courtesy of the Corvette Club of Kansas City, and we're hoping someone's bringing one that's little and red. We'll accept keys, too. Vettes are on view from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. See the club's Web site at for more information. -- Rebecca Braverman

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