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The Tao of Poo

Letters from the week of November 27, 2003

No shit: As a proud member of the Indian Mound Neighborhood Association (we adopted Budd Park a couple years back), I would like to thank you for your article last week (KC Strip, "Doggie Stylin'," November 20).

I have two little poop-breaths of my own, including Boo Boo, who, while blind as a bat, has enhanced shit-sniffing abilities at superpower levels.

And thanks for the Best Park in Kansas City award [actually, Best Place to Jog]. Since the 2003 Best Of issue, workers seem to be much better about picking up trash at Budd Park. I hope and pray that things just keep getting better. Working toilets would be nice.
Tracy Marriott
Kansas City, Missouri

Sharing the Wealth
I want my slice: It is common knowledge about the benefits accruing to Mayor Barnes' "wealthy developer" friends (KC Strip, "Kay's Buffet," November 13). Can you please publish a table showing how much return (in the form of tax-increment-financing money) has been generated for each dollar contributed to the mayor? I am short of cash and need about $200,000. How much do I have to contribute to Mayor Barnes in campaign money to generate that much TIF revenue for myself?
Wayne Flaherty
Overland Park
Gun Battle
Bullet points: Regarding Tony Ortega's "Half-Cocked" (KC Strip, November 6): I just wanted to say it was excellent. At first, I thought I was going to be upset because he was talking about one of my favorite councilmen, Alvin Brooks (in the quote that was highlighted), but I read through it, and it was just a masterful piece of journalism. I applaud Ortega and his efforts.

Keep up the good work. Love the Pitch.
Kimiko Gilmore
Kansas City, Missouri

Babbling Brooks: How come when Alvin Brooks wanted that bounty hunter prosecuted and locked away, the old 1875 law was obsolete and needed to be changed? But the old 1800 law for conceal carry is just fine and should be honored?
Russell Adair
Kansas City, Missouri

Parole Call
The parent rap: Ben Paynter's "Love Never Dies" (November 20) makes me sick to my stomach, not only because of the way that innocent little boy died but also because of the father's support of the parole of the person who was behind it all -- his wife. He ought to be in there with her.

For him to support a person that can be capable of killing any child in any way, he is just as guilty, even though he wasn't involved. He might as well have been! Maybe the love never dies, but they should!
Angela Ortiz
Kansas City, Missouri

Tag, You're It
Newa's no poser: Talk about ruining everyone's fun. The lame exposé "Spoil Spurt" (November 20) on Kansas City's favorite vandal was nothing but a personal attack for some marks left on some Pitch property. This is, quite possibly, the most biased article this magazine has ever published. Rather than praising Newa as an artist, he is attacked as if his motives behind his creations are nothing other than annoyance. Newa is actually a very talented artist; granted, not everyone can appreciate his brand of mayhem. Perhaps the greatest example of this lies in the fact that there are no actual photos either of Newa or his art but rather ones taken from other, more legitimate publications. Rather than describing (incorrectly might I add) the cereal billboards, show me. Shouldn't an article about an artist show the actual art? Next time, keep your personal grudges out of print and true artists out of jail.
Name Withheld Upon Request
Editor's note: The Pitch offices have not been graced with Newa's art.
Face Time
Picture imperfect: What's up with blocking out Jen Chen's face in the picture with Tony Gonzalez (Night Ranger, November 20)? As an avid reader of her column, I was curious to see the Night Ranger for the first time. What a ripoff! If I paid for this paper, I would want my money back. Nice hat, though -- take it easy.
John Gunter
Kansas City, Missouri
Club Cease-Fire
End the wars, already: I have to say, it's nice seeing someone writing something honest and blatant about Club Wars (Nathan Dinsdale's Prairie Dogg, November 20). I love that your writer can say what he wants without any real harsh backlash. I mean, who's gonna get pissed -- the people who sucked? And the bands that did suck sucked pretty bad. So, kudos to you and your staff for painting a clear, concise picture of what the area thinks of Club Wars.
Jeanie Moore
Lone Jack

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