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The Sexy Accident

Now That She's Gone



With songs this rich, who needs albums? Though only three tracks long, the Sexy Accident's Now That She's Gone teems with sonic and lyrical detail. It captures a fleeting, stunning portrait. And fleeting is the operative word because Camry Ivory — who joined seven months ago — will soon be the longest-tenured member besides founder Jesse Kates. (The Sexy Accident is slimming down a member to a quartet and unveiling a new rhythm section.) The addition of Ivory's keyboards and background coos to Kates' local band fills out the pop tunes with more panache. Kates' lithe tenor narrates meaty stories preoccupied with heartbreak. Though it's the oldest trope in the songbook, Kates makes his heartache ballads distinct. The title track — which recalls the new-wave soul of Graham Parker — finds Kates having trouble letting go, promising, My heart is broken, but it's gonna mend. The cinematic, nearly six-minute "In Heaven" captures the guilt and longing of an illicit affair between onetime best friends; and the punchy, sample-laden rave-up "Savage Love" is incited by a condom wrapper on a car seat. It's a smart, catchy, fulfilling course, despite its appetizer size.

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