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The Ruby Suns



Astronomically speaking, the Ruby Suns have imploded. On the heels of 2008's pluming psych-pop nugget, Sea Lion, frontman Ryan McPhun retreated into his Auckland, New Zealand, studio to create the heavily synthesized Fight Softly. Inspired by childhood loves like Phil Collins and Hall & Oates, McPhun's pan-global indie-tronica is grounded by propulsive tribal rhythms. The unapologetically peppy Fight Softly grooves with soaring loops and oversized melodies that suggest a futuristic Afro-Cuban disco in space. Solo auteur Chaz Budnick's similar penchant for glimmering synth flourishes makes opening act Toro Y Moi an ideal appetizer. Budnick's sleepy, sputtering collages drift and glitch like a child on Nyquil, rubbing his eyes as he struggles to stay up past bedtime.

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