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The Kansas City Bear Fighters

Apocalypse Party


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When humanity is wiped out in 2012 and the world's sole survivor crawls from a granite shelter to dance a mad jig, the Kansas City Bear Fighters' Apocalypse Party will be sorely missed. Nearly half of the 16 tracks on this 35-minute vaudevillian bluegrass hoedown are about one of the following: zombies, wolfmen, festering wounds, paranoia or general doom and decay. (The others are love songs.) The band's unadorned strumming is plain, but the Kansas City Bear Fighters have a monster in frontman and songwriter Quinn McCue. Built like an ax-wielding thug from Gangs of New York, McCue is blessed with a nasal tenor that works in a howl or a croon. Pick up a copy of Apocalypse Party and tuck it away someplace safe. "Young and In Love" will be good to sing to your sweetheart's stripped skull.


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