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The Detroit Cobras

Saturday, August 17, at the Replay Lounge.


In generations past, Detroit was synonymous with substantive, if sometimes saccharine, soul music. Currently, the Motor City stands for overly indulgent, though mildly addictive, rap-rock, garage-punk blues and urban decay. The Detroit Cobras isn't a motorcyle gang patrolling the city's crime-riddled streets; it's a band that brings divergent musical worlds together. It all starts with lead singer and former exotic dancer Rachel Nagy, who takes a little bit of soul from Tina Turner and lets it ooze through her scotch-and-rocks growl. It doesn't end with the other four Cobras, who play with the tenacity of a Stax session band on deadline. Buzz-sawing through deep-in-the-vaults covers (Otis Redding, Mary Wells) with a punk mentality, the Detroit Cobras represents music's next great hybrid. Let the punk-soul revolution begin.

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