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The Dead Girls

Te Quiero EP



After recording 16 studio tracks and a bunch of acoustic-oriented home tracks, Lawrence's the Dead Girls (formerly Dead Girls Ruin Everything) decided to hold off on a full-length and hype up their eventual album with three EPs. Te Quiero is the second installment of the EP series, and it does exactly what it's supposed to do: Build excitement. The title track (the only EP cut that will eventually land on the album) is the group's catchiest to date; no small feat given the group's hook-packed set lists. You'll likely find yourself humming the chorus, Te quiero/Hope I said that right, or perhaps hearing echoes of Brendan Benson or Jason Falkner when the guitar hook kicks in. The group's side gig as a Thin Lizzy cover band has paid obvious dividends in the Girls' explosive two-guitar attack. Even more importantly, singers Cameron Hawk and JoJo Longbottom sound more locked in with their harmonies. "Keep Your Own Score" and "You Take the Wrong" are worthy and fully realized B-sides, and the rest of the EP is rounded out with two acoustic numbers and a cover of Chris Bell's "You and Your Sister." Thanks for the teasers, fellas — now let's hear that record.

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