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The Damnwells

Friday, May 14, at the Beaumont Club.


The Damnwells sound pretty much exactly the way a "former Whiskeytown member" band (in this case, drummer Steven Terry) oughta sound. Not that it's a bad thing. You can almost hear Terry saying, in Interview No. 657 on the subject, "You know, you might think the song 'Assholes' is about a certain spiky-haired guy I used to be in a band with, but it's really about this obnoxious manager I had when I worked at The Gap." Still, the line If you want me to smile, then fire me, you fuck is a dead giveaway that ill will toward Ryan Adams remains. But the Damnwells work out "Assholes" abruptly, rinse out the twang, then make for the Replacements side of that old sound with the harsh "Newborn History" and the desperate "I Will Keep the Bad Things From You." Those who love their rock served straight up will find that these guys play it pretty damn ... um ... well.

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