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The Constantines

Monday, June 19, at the Record Bar


More and more neglected hands, howls Constantines lead singer Bry Webb, judgment ripe, they're starting bands. Showcasing a brilliant combination of arrogance and ignorance, these Canadian postpunk rockers are exactly what they sing about: a boisterous operation spouting romance, poetry and rowdiness. Their music, injected with an almost innocent urgency, is built on stripped-down riffs followed by sudden explosions of sound. Webb, part of a ferocious two-guitar machine, sings somewhere between Bruce Springsteen and Joe Strummer. Keyboardist Will Kidman complements Webb's flashiness with driving melodies that come out of nowhere. Expect lyrics and chords to synthesize into solid rock and roll at every show that these poet-musicians put on — and don't expect to see any neglected hands.

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