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The Briefs

Steal Yer Heart(BYO Records)


Every album is a soundtrack waiting to happen. For example, Steal Yer Heart, the latest album from Seattle retro-punk band the Briefs, could follow a day in the life of a broken-hearted, ADD-suffering accountant named Gary. Our protagonist wouldn't necessarily need to ape the Briefs' eccentric fashion sense, but a quirky sense of humor and a penchant for pogo dancing are musts. Gary would also have to be studly enough for the needed sexual harassment to ensue. The purposely droning guitars and monotonous vocals of "Can't Get Through" could kick in while Gary the accountant punches his timecard. And as his daily doses of Ritalin wear thin, the chorus of the frantic "I Can't Work" would get stuck on repeat. The film would be set in 1977, the big year for the punk music that the Briefs duplicate like a copy machine, and the film would have to be a quick but solid piece, like the album. The climax would come as Gary finds a new mate at a sleazy dive bar. The sassy ode to older women "Forty and Above" could follow them home. Try on the Briefs yourself Sunday, November 6, at El Torreon.

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