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The Aristocrats

Tech N9ne and Mac Lethal are KC's biggest rappers of the moment. We got them together to find out what it's like.



Kansas City rappers Tech N9ne and Mac Lethal walk into a talent agent's office/downtown coffee and wine bar. The agent asks them what their act is. Nearly two hours' worth of talk follows: about burgers, booze, drugs, sex, strippers, Indian food, Alaska, drugs, sex, Florida, being broke, amateur porn, life on the road, sleeping preferences (neither like to cuddle), big-ass titties, and, of course, music. Of the printable parts, here are some highlights.

The Pitch: Have you ever been heckled?

Tech N9ne: I can't remember ever being heckled. Maybe a rival gang or something, but they all love the music.

Mac Lethal: I've been heckled.

Tech: They might throw out the opposite signs and shit, but they do show love.

Mac: I just do get heckled. And by people who hate the music. They're just like, Who the fuck is this dude? What's he talking about?

If you were to collaborate on a song, what would it be about?

Mac: It'd be about drinking.

Tech: Probably.

Mac: It'd be an anti-religion, pro-alcohol song, without a doubt.

Tech: The beat means a lot, you know what I'm sizzlin'? Usually, I don't call a person till I hear a beat that sounds like they should be on it. The beats tell me what to do, man, so when that beat tells me what to do, I'll hit Mac up and say, "Hey, this is perfect for us." And it might be about drinkin' and fuckin' and all that, you never know. It depends on what the beat tells us to do. If the beat tells us to call some motherfuckers out and say, "Y'all can't fuck with us," that's what we gonna do.

Mac: It'd probably be a Seven beat, 'cause he's done both our records.

Tech: Yeah — all day, all night.

Mac: He's a nasty motherfucker.

Tech: Seven's insane with the production. He's been working with us on several albums. He's a producer out of Wichita.

Is that a factor when you're choosing a producer — who else he's worked with or is working with?

Mac: Not really. Because if it's not gonna work with your sound —

Tech: I get beats from everywhere. I get beats from Denmark. I used to have a producer out of Berlin, Germany. We get beats wherever the real deep pulses are. Wherever the pulses are, that's where I get my beats — beats that really slam, that knock. You know — no pulse, no life. We go everywhere, whether it's the guy on the top or low on the totem pole. I don't care where we get it. We're getting beats from Alabama now, from a guy by the name of David Sanders. We get 'em from everywhere. Trackster, Chicago, he does Twista's music. He's responsible for Do or Die's music. And Mariah Carey. We get beats from everywhere, and Seven just happens to be a diverse motherfucker.

Mac: If we do a song together, we gotta get Mariah Carey on some vocals, talking about drinking and fucking and hatred of religion.

Tech: [laughs] And then, after we do the song, actually act it out with her. Drinkin', fuckin' and drinkin' and smokin' and humpin' and likin' it. Ha!

Mac: I have a big thing for Mariah Carey, still, to this day.

Tech: Always did. Always did!

Mac: No one's ever gonna touch her.

Tech: I like crazy bitches, you know what I'm sizzlin'? I'm attracted to lost souls, and she seems like she falls right into the category of a bitch that might be bipolar. I love it.

Mac: She's also one of the only people that can sing in the whistle register. She can sing as high as a whistle with her voice. And she has an ass, too.

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