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Terrestrial Tones

Dead Drunk (Paw Tracks)


The haunted-house love child of Black Dice's Eric Copeland and Animal Collective's Dave "Avey Tare" Portner, Terrestrial Tones is more lunatic-fringe pastime than just-above-ground vocation — a hypnotizing synthesis of each player's day job and a good excuse to hang out together and make music to take drugs to make music to. The duo's lysergic, Technicolor bloodlettings on Dead Drunk groan, loop and churn eerily in midair. "Gargoyle," a thick, wavering swarm drone of processed-beyond-recognition moans hums merrily along, and "Car Fumes" is garbled, wondrous transmission from a world where sunsets flicker, dip down and sing. Closing showpiece "This Weekend Wow" rises and falls like a relaxed, diseased heart, with Portne's hissing, millimeter-from-the-microphone exhalations and alien chitchat surfing crests and troughs of roiling, rotting guitars. You won't want to sober up.

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