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Team George? Anyone?


Was he blindsided by the momentum of Team Coco or coerced by the bottom-line–minded Powers That Be? Hard to know. But it's nicer to imagine that seasoned showbiz vet George Lopez was truly magnanimous, and savvy and shrewd enough to voluntarily push his own late-night talk show back an hour, knowing that he'd reap a ratings boost by welcoming Conan O'Brien to TBS as Lopez Tonight's lead-in. So when you attend Lopez's 8 p.m. show at the Midland (1228 Main, 816-283-9921), you're not just showing up for some laughs but also celebrating the competitive, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial spirit that daily reshapes both our proud nation and our late-night television landscape. (Now if we could just solve the timeless riddle that is Carson Daly.) Tickets cost $25-$59.50. For more information, see

— Brent Shepherd

Thu., Nov. 18, 2010

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