Tailgaters Bar & Grill

Most bars give off a distinct sense of who you're supposed to be and what you're supposed to be doing before you even walk through the door. But this friendly strip-mall bar has something for everyone. Dozens of poker fans crowd around four large tables set up in the bar's main room for card games two nights a week, dutifully ignoring the large plasma screens and blaring rock that draw in sports and music fans assembled on the outskirts. A pool league comes in once a week to cue up in the back room; karaoke lovers croon twice a week; and a DJ who plays everything from Nickleback to Nick Drake sets the makeshift dance floor aflame on the weekends. There's just one thing that's not for every one at Tailgaters: the Behemoth Challenge. If you can finish off "two fresh, never frozen half pound all beef patties served with or without cheese, plus one pound of fries" in less than 10 minutes, you'll receive a free t-shirt with the bar's toothy, grinning gator mascot and the respect of all your new friends.



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