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There are several facts you should know about breakout Brooklyn band Suckers. First, its swooning, lackadaisical songs are equal parts magnum-opus ambition and pub-shanty sing-alongs. Second, a National Geographic-ready baboon face looks out at you from the cover of this year's sprawling Wild Smile (produced by Yeasayer's Anand Wilder). Third, frontman Quinn Walker sings with the ragged rigor of Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug. Fourth, one of the band members identifies himself as "Pan." That should give you some insight into their sound. No? OK, Suckers' expansive, lazy grandeur has been a blip on many musicheads' radars since the band's 2009 EP, which contained the single "It Gets Your Body Movin'. " (Critics and fans attest that the title is, in fact, true.) Expect capes and memorable facial hair at the band's intimate appearance in Lawrence.

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