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Stomach Upsets

Letters from the week of March 11, 2004

Lean cut: Regarding Allie Johnson's "The Deepest Cut" (February 26): I am a former patient of Dr. Timothy Sifers who had my stomach stapled in 1980. Medicaid paid for it. Sifers made it possible by stating that my obesity would kill me eventually. I was 5 feet tall and weighed 260. I did lose weight, but I wish that Sifers had suggested behavior modification or counseling.

I gained the weight back over the years and then some. I have since then lost the weight on my own without looking for a quick fix. But I have a coworker who is having problems now after her surgery almost a year ago. She was even on a heart monitor for a while, and she's under 25 years old.

It sounds like Sifers' personality has not changed. He was kind of a smartass even back then.
Brenda Simon
Kansas City, Missouri

Weighty matter: Thank you! I am the daughter of one of the friends who called Lori. And I want to say thank you very much for getting this information out to people.

My mother (thankfully) knew enough about the surgery to realize that Sifers was not performing the surgery he claimed to be. I sincerely hope anyone thinking about weight-loss surgery reads this.

My ex-husband's father had duodenal-switch surgery with Sifers and died a few months later. I wonder if he would still be alive if he had had a chance to read this article. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Amber Brook

Getting pounded: I read Allie Johnson's article regarding Tim Sifers and his magic surgical procedure, and it couldn't be more accurate, except one small detail. She was kind enough to mention that Overland Park Regional Medical Center was owned by Health Midwest during the time her story focused on but did not afford the same courtesy to Shawnee Mission Medical Center. Shawnee Mission Medical Center was in a binding partnership with parasitic St. Luke's until spring of 2003; Adventist Health System then came into the picture.

If Allie Johnson is going to put so much effort into an incredibly worthwhile topic, she should get the simplest of facts correct.
Name Withheld Upon Request

Acid reflex: I was so glad Allie Johnson's article about weight-loss surgery and Sifers came across my desk. I have been doing searches on Sifers since I caught a glimpse of the news a couple of weeks ago. I was so ready for someone to shine the light on what was really going on. Johnson put it all together, did great research and wrote a great story. I am passing this on to everyone I know!
Name Withheld Upon Request

Fat burner: "Appalled" doesn't come close to describing the way I feel about Sifers. His claim that he misrepresented his bastardized procedure as a duodenal switch because it was "easier to say" is ludicrous and insulting.

Nothing can bring back their health, but I do hope that Hollinger and the others get the justice they deserve.
Melanie Magruder
Duodenal Switch Information Zone
Valrico, Florida

Meat Up
To dine for: I have been meaning to e-mail Charles Ferruzza for some time, but his review of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Spirits prompted me to do so ("Patty Meltdown," February 26). Since I live in Leavenworth, it is doubtful I will travel to Independence for an overpriced burger given the good ones available here at the Towne Pub, Homer's and even the High Noon Saloon.

I did want to let him know that I primarily read the Pitch for his well-written, thoughtful, informative and consistently amusing restaurant reviews and Mouthing Off news. Thanks for his quality work.
Bob Berlin

Shots Out
Love song: Saw Jen Chen's Night Ranger about karaoke at the Brick and loved it (February 19). I was there on Ninja Night and had a blast. I think her article gave me a little more legitimacy among my friends as far as the karaoke thing goes.

I read her article each week and was surprised to find it was her up there getting the stage giggles.
Aaron Weidner
Kansas City, Missouri

Dear God
Gray area: Regarding "Ambition Az" (January 15): May God have mercy on Charles Gray's soul. Jesus is lord of all, and one day he will know that he is Jesus and savior all by himself.

Tupac was a man. Jesus is -- is God in the flesh. Repent and ask God to forgive you.

Mr. Gray, Jesus loves you as well as all mankind. How could you disrespect God? Please think before you write. May God have mercy on you.
Mrs. K. Diggs

One Eyed Jacks
Screech!: In regards to Mike Warren's review about the Kevin Jacks Band (Hear and Now, February 12): I am part of the "crowd of shot-fueled guys singing along with fists aloft in a Marlboro-scented wind." Come on, guy, don't judge the band by the appearance of the crowd. I mean, have you seen these guys? They could be on Saved by the Bell.
Jake Turney
Lee's Summit

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