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Top Five Albums to Inspire Optimism in the Face of Yet Another Year
— By Kelly Corcoran

1. The Beginning Stages of the Polyphonic Spree, by the Polyphonic Spree: "What's more optimistic than a traveling, singing cult?"

2. Perseverance, by Hatebreed: "You have a New Year's resolution to get fit? This band makes music to work out to, get ripped or go home."

3. Dirty Mind, by Prince: "Wake up to this record every morning and you'll feel sexy. That's worth aspiring to, right?"

4. Hi De Hi De Ho, by Cab Calloway: "We ought to be streaming it into outer space so we can prove to any alien race that we are a creative, fun-loving species — harmful only to ourselves. That'll keep the invasion at bay for another year."

5. Odyssey & Oracle, by the Zombies: "This will be our year. Optimism to spare."

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Top Five Songs to Listen to While You Break Your Resolutions
— By Judy Mills and Christian LaBeau

1. "Since I Left You," from Since I Left You by Avalanches: "Break up with 2013 already. Close. That. Door."

2. "Dance Yrself Clean," from This Is Happening by LCD Soundsystem: "Even if you snuffed up a resolution, there is nothing a dance party won't cure."

3. "Get By," from Quality by Talib Kweli: "An inspirational track for anyone. And who can't use inspiration in January?"

4. "Move On Up," from Curtis by Curtis Mayfield: "This song makes you feel like you're high-fiving God (or Goddess, whichever you prefer) while crossing the finish line with the winning Powerball ticket in hand."

5. "Just Be Thankful for What You've Got," from Blue Lines by Massive Attack: "Pretty solid advice right there, and you can feel sexy singing it in the mirror in your bedroom. Just no selfies, please."


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