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Music Forecast March 28-April 3

A guide to the acts playing in and around Kansas City this week.



Sonic Spectrum Tribute to Pink Floyd
Don't hold your breath at this tribute show for the Pink Floyd songs you hear on KCFX 101.1 (the Fox). Given the lineup — psychedelic electronica act Monta At Odds performs, as does a group of thrown-together local players (Kent Burnham, Lori DeManche, Jeff Harshbarger, Mark Lowrey, Chris Meck and Cody Wyoming) calling itself the Anderson Council — I'm thinking deep cuts from Meddle and The Piper at the Gates of Dawn are probably more likely.
Sunday, March 31, at RecordBar (1020 Westport Road, 816-753-5207)

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down
Thao Nguyen's oddball exuberance puts her in league with female singer-songwriters such as Annie Clark (St. Vincent), Merrill Garbus (Tune-Yards) and Joanna Newsom. (Newsom actually guests on Thao & the Get Down Stay Down's latest LP, We the Common.) But Nguyen is poppier than those women, even as the genres she pulls into her songs are more catholic. We the Common is rooted in a kind of warped folk pop, but anything goes: banjo plucks, dirty blues licks, brass sections. The whole thing would be obnoxious if Nguyen didn't know her way around a tune, but she totally does.
Wednesday, April 3, at RecordBar (1020 Westport Road, 816-753-5207)

Otis Heat, with the Grisly Hand
Blues, folk and funk ideas collide in the music of Portland, Oregon, trio Otis Heat. Results vary: Sometimes it's a weirdo Black Keys vibe; sometimes it's white-boy jam-band funk nonsense. The group is supported on this bill by local alt-country crew the Grisly Hand, which is celebrating the release of the first single from its upcoming album, uh, Country Singles. You won't walk home with anything — the song will be available on the Grisly Hand's Bandcamp for $1, and the new album isn't out until late April — but everybody who downloads the song gets a "free surprise gift," according to guitarist Mike Stover. Who are you to deny such an offer?
Friday, March 29, at the Brick (1727 McGee, 816-421-1634)

1,000,000 Light Years
Lawrence's Range Life Records has transitioned into more of an ambient electronic label, anchored by blurry-soundscape creators such as Say My Name; Coke Weed X; and 1,000,000 Light Years, the solo project of Patrick Hangauer. I was playing 1,000,000 Light Years' recently dropped Rainbow Keys EP in my office the other day, and a co-worker commented that it sounded like the music the ice-cream truck plays. I think what he meant is that it's vaguely hypnotic, which it is. But it's also layered and urbane, its New Age tones peacefully tempered by downtempo beats.
Thursday, March 28, at the Riot Room (4048 Broadway, 816-442-8179)

Tommy and the High Pilots
Santa Barbara's Tommy and the High Pilots work a hook like a group weaned on 1990s radio rock. But they throw in inspiration from '80s greats, too: Mellencamp and Petty on previous albums, Peter Gabriel on their upcoming full-length, Only Human, out in May on Redbird Records. The risen Jesus says: Celebrate Easter with an indie-funk party at the Riot Room.
Sunday, March 31, at the Riot Room (4048 Broadway, 816-442-8179)

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