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Sonic Recital


Jeff Klein uses the sonic emanations of ceremonial crystal bowls in his practice as a holistic healer. He promises that audiences at his performance tonight at 7 will come away feeling transformed. "Even though this is going to be a concert situation, people will feel it at a very deep level," he says. "The tones of the bowls are perfect. There's only one company in the world that can make these. They're solid crystal bowls overlaid with 24-karat gold or platinum. With a jeweler's eyepiece, you can see gems embedded in the crystal itself."Basically a type of bell, Klein's crystal bowls are similar to Himalayan alloy bowls. They're played by rubbing a suede-tipped mallet around the side and the rim, producing a sometimes intense, pure sine tone. "I originally discovered them at a gem and mineral show in Denver, and there were a number of monks taking a training class in using the bowls. They're just phenomenal. Some of the bowls, which are called practitioner bowls, have a crystal handle, which you can place on acupressure points." The concert is at Plaza Wellspring, 4901 Main. Call 816-931-6533 for details.

Thu., Jan. 17, 7 p.m., 2008

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