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Skating Away

Lovely is as Lovely does.


FRI 6/6

The art being auctioned off at the Arts Incubator (115 West 18th Street) from 6 to 9 Friday night will rake in cash for two causes: the Kansas City Skate Park Task Force and the "Lovely needs a video camera really f*'n bad" Fund. Zach Wilson runs the West 18th Street skate shop known simply as Lovely. (Secretly, we envy how he answers the store's telephone by cooing, "Lovely.") He's an easygoing guy who works in shorts. More than sixty people picked up plain wood boards to transform into art, but as of a week before The Art of the Skateboard's grand opening, Wilson had received only a couple of finished skateboards. "I expected it," he says. "Skateboarders, you know. Last minute. I don't blame them."

The two he has received are elaborate and just plain great. Jesse Small -- known for his huge sculptural work -- has branded the wood with hearts and clubs. For his part, Ben Reichling, the other early bird, painted his board as though it were a canvas. He's titled the cartoonish piece "Head Transplant 1.2."

Other participants include the always-exciting Danny J. Gibson of DJG Design, Tammy Kennedy (who makes sculptures out of tape), Sike Style of Human Crop Circles, Brady Vest of the innovative Hammer Press, and a handful of local tattoo artists.

"For so many people, skateboarding is so inspiring in their art," Wilson says. "I know that when I was a kid, I totally wanted art on a skateboard." The bidding starts at $75 a board. For information, call 816-221-5683.-- Gina Kaufmann

Narrative? Eat It.

NOW- 7/15

In the world of filmmaking, there's a lot of emphasis on things like narrative, structure and high-quality cinematography. For people with video cameras and a yen to avoid being judged on such harsh criteria, Vicious Video 2 is taking submissions. What do you have to contend with? Last year's showcase featured such alliterative acts as Scary Suspensions and Gorilla Grooving. This year promises to be even more non sequitur, kicking off with a fund-raising screening of Benjamin Smoke, a documentary that shamefully contains both narrative and structure (alas). Submissions are due July 15 and can be sent to P.O. Box 10057, Kansas City, MO 64171. Entry forms and further information are available at -- Christopher Sebela

Barbaric Cinema

SAT 6/7

The Chucky Lou AV Club's latest presentation, Ator, the Fighting Eagle, offers a dim-witted protagonist with a heroic bear-cub sidekick. Battling rock slides and wily seductresses, Ator sits proudly alongside Conan and other barbarians of the early '80s. This 1983 film ups the kinkster factor, though. When randy Amazons capture our fair hero, naughtiness and tree-humping ensue. Will Ator retrieve the Sword of Tauron and save the world? Find out at midnight at the Top Two Theater (5909 Johnson Drive in Mission). Come twenty minutes early to catch the end of last month's film, which was derailed when the projector broke. Tickets cost $6. For more information, call 816-471-1190.-- Sarah Smarsh

Pudding 'n' Pie

SAT 6/7

Sitting down to breakfast among the bounty of vintage décor at Georgie Porgie's Café (8111 Wornall Road) can be a true Saturday morning adventure. The food is just greasy enough, and the atmosphere is friendly. But more impressive is that this has to be one of the only places around where you get live acoustic ballads with your eggs Benedict. On a recent Saturday, the weekly 9 a.m. to noon balladeer -- a friend of the Georgie Porgie's family -- compared his political outspokenness to that of the Dixie Chicks after playing a solo, acoustic rendition of "Dark Side of the Moon." To experience all of this before changing out of Friday night's attire is really something. For more information, call 816-363-8788. -- Kaufmann

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