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Saturday, May 6

Papa Roachat The Bottleneck


It's said that the only creature on Earth equipped to survive a nuclear meltdown is the cockroach. Despite the doomsayers, there wasn't a meltdown, or any other catastrophe, when the year 2000 rolled around, but even in the absence of crisis, Papa Roach has found a way to thrive. This hip-hop/punk/funk California-based quartet starts its album (and, traditionally, its live shows) with a promise to "Infest," then hits listeners with such aggressive fare as "Blood Brothers," "Revenge," and "Snakes." When not taking two-faced former friends to task, the band delves into serious issues, such as suicide, spousal abuse, and broken homes. Papa Roach frontman Coby Dick describes himself as "super-flamboyant, super-happy, and super-pissed-off," so expect a superlative show as these Roaches flip the script by spraying the crowd with toxic sounds. Tap Root headlines this early all-ages show.

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