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Sandra Collins

Saturday, July 9, at Kabal.


Like a good fireworks show, a Sandra Collins concert saves its premium pyrotechnics for the grand finale. Many deep-trance DJs stagger their summits, giving fans frequent climaxes while dulling the intensity of each release. Collins' sets are linear climbs to a sky-piercing peak, followed by an exhilarating free-fall. Collins solidified her beat-building credentials in 2000 by helming the third entry in the prestigious Tranceport series. Like her shows, Collins' recorded efforts test listeners' patience by proceeding at an almost imperceptible pace toward their cathartic payoffs. They evolve through subtle shifts in her simple rhythms and minimal vocal samples -- the types of changes people might not notice if they're busy dancing. That's why her deep-driving tracks can take clubgoers by surprise, even after hours of increasingly funky foreshadowing. The first female DJ to reach superstar status, Collins rarely plays venues as small as Kabal, making this a rare opportunity to share her end-of-evening epiphanies with an intimate gathering.

Sandra Collins.

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