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Rush Borda

It's Bananas to a G'rilla



Stanley Crouch would hate It's Bananas to a G'rilla, the recent release from Kansas City's Rush Borda. The New York Daily News columnist, cultural critic and jazz writer famously nurses a dislike of gangsta rap. In fact, he blames a single movie — Scarface — for the birth of crotch-grabbing, middle-finger-to-the-heavens rap artists. So listen up, Stan: If Tony Montana really is the godfather of ghost-riding, he might throw in Bananas, open the door and dumb out like Paris Hilton on a date with Ryan Cabrera. In its opening skit — a faux news report on coke's transition from the Hope diamond of the white elite to a middle-class plague — Bananas introduces its dominant theme. The album, which features cameos by Rich the Factor, Calico and Boy Big, maps out the hardships and plush rewards of the Montana path. Against that backdrop, Rush colors each track with fluorescent metaphors and pop-locking flow. We're whalin' in KC, Rush tells outsiders about his hometown. Hey, Stan, put that in your jazz horn and blow it.

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