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Rooftop Vigilantes



Carrot Atlas

(Wooden Man Records)

By their own accounts, the members of Rooftop Vigilantes amount to a drunken calamity every time the band takes the stage. The four-piece Lawrence band features former Girl Is a Ghost frontman Oscar Allen Guinn (also of Boo and Boo Too and Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk) trading sloshed hooks with Zach Campbell (also of Bandit Teeth and Blood on the Wall). With Hannah Hyde's Farfisa organ and Seth Weise's crashing drums riding shotgun, the Vigilantes bang out 16 tracks in 27 unrelenting minutes on their debut LP, Carrot Atlas. While it can sound a bit like walking into a jet engine on the first go-round, these boozy jams eventually ingrain themselves deep in the part of the skull that functions even without intoxicants. The group's shout-along choruses evoke bands like the Thermals and the Queers, hangover-proofing the Vigilantes' punk-energy pop. Plus, you're less likely to get puked on if you skip the live show and pop in this disc.

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