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Rock Heads


Michelangelo’s David is the major reason that tourists flock to Florence’s Galleria dell’ Accademia, where it has stood since 1873. But there’s something even more moving to the left of the magnificent Renaissance sculpture, in an unfinished room that housed a collection of 19th-century plaster casts. It’s creepy as all get-out, with those soulless heads and torsos choking every surface of the room and flakes of plaster floating like bone dust to the floors. The image makes it worth a trip to E. Spencer Schubert’s studio, to see if his stone busts begin in a similar way. The sculptor’s Ethos & Idiocrasy: The Busts opens from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday at the Arts Incubator (115 West 18th Street), and the 30-year-old gives a gallery talk Saturday morning at 10:30. Tonight, check out the gallery’s preopening from 6 to 9:30. The show is up through October 20; call 816-421-2292 or see for more information. Arts Incubator
Thu., Sept. 6

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