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Rock & Roller: Drawings by Nora Othic

From the artist's statement: I don't know how other artists do it, but I only have a very vague idea of how a piece will look when I start out. As in a dream, a few details are in focus and everything else is fog-shrouded. So, I could see Madame George playing dominos in drag, but not actually visualize the room, the corner, the other people until I started to put it down...there is always lots of shifting of arms and objects until it locks together. Consequently, I'm more surprised at the completion than anyone else. If you ask me why I drew Suzanne that way, I'd just say "that's the way she came out". I was disappointed that my "Ice Cream Man" had less of the raunchiness of David Lee Roth and more of Boucher's coyness, until my husband came into the studio, looked at it and said "that's nasty". Good.
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