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Richard Lloyd



As a teen, Richard Lloyd hung out with Jimi Hendrix, who was teaching guitar lessons to Lloyd's friend Velvert Turner. Later, Lloyd developed a close friendship with schoolmate and future Wailers guitarist Albert Anderson. Lloyd wasn't long for high school, dropping out and kicking around from Boston to Los Angeles before returning to New York to found Television with Tom Verlaine. The group released only two albums, but the steely, undulating, hard-driving guitar drone on Marquee Moon and Adventure would leave an unmistakable imprint on indie rock, from the Pixies and Luna to the Strokes. In the ensuing three decades, Lloyd released four studio albums, toured as a sideman to Matthew Sweet (among others) and served as a producer. And he continues to teach guitar. A well-read cat who can regale you with head-spinning mystical insight, Lloyd remains an extraordinary guitarist. He's backed by former TV drummer Billy Ficca, offering old classics such as "Venus" alongside chunky tracks from 2007's rocking The Radiant Monkey.

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