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Reducers SF

Crappy Clubs and Smelly Pubs (TKO)


Touting the healing potential of power chords, camaraderie and beer, the Reducers SF raises a grimy glass in making a toast to Crappy Clubs and Smelly Pubs. Produced by Steve Burgess, bassist/songwriter for Oi! legends Cock Sparrer, Crappy Clubs and Smelly Pubs rocks and talks with a distinctly British accent. Its harmonies stagger like barfight losers, and most of its lyrics seem to have been scribbled on bar napkins (I drink to help me think, but I lose it anyway, Jim Martinez slurs during "Screwed Again"). But beneath the alcohol-induced haze, there's some bitter, raw commentary on the evils of capitalism and other topics favored by punks without a pitcher in their hands. Given the band's fanbase, these tunes will probably just end up as soundtracks for urination, but there's some thought-provoking material and a few heartfelt calls for unity lurking deep in the songs' dark alleyways for those motivated enough to go searching.

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