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Tuesday, February 24, at Memorial Hall.


If you ever loved Primus, you'll want to climb the highest peak (which, admittedly, isn't that high around here), hop on one leg and yell "Eureka!" at the top of your lungs, because after lengthy turmoil and exile in side-projectdom, the original lineup has reunited. And with shows on the current Tour de Fromage reportedly clocking in at more than two hours, fans can expect the boys to put in an honest night's work. The San Francisco trio's new gigs also include esoteric segments spawned by frontman Les Claypool's recent ventures into the jam scene. In this age of rigid, demographic-based marketing, the tour's brisk ticket sales are a great reminder that those who have lived and loved with Primus really are still out there. (Fuck you, Clear Channel!) Who'd have thought in 1989 that these guys would still be kicking fifteen years later? Then again, the band might disappear again just as quickly, so get your fill while the getting is good.

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