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The P&L District brought bountiful food and drink. But elsewhere in downtown, not so much.


Multitudes have descended upon the Power & Light District to explore theme restaurants and slam $9 vodka drinks. Good thing, too. The city took out a $295 million mortgage on the place.

Downtown Kansas City has come alive, all right. But the party doesn't necessarily extend beyond the seven-block Cordish Companies development. By the Department of Burnt Ends' tally, 13 bars and restaurants have bitten the dust since the city prepared a downtown restaurant guide in October 2007.

Our cemetery map omits two venues. The Peachtree at 18th Street and Vine closed but will reopen at P&L. An investor in Sarah's, a failed bistro on Grand, re-emerged in the same spot with Twist Urban Eatery.

P&L hasn't created a total vortex. A few businesses — Kansas City Blues and Jazz Juke House (1700 East 18th Street), Soho Café & Bakery (314 West Eighth Street) — have come to life outside its secure perimeter.

But below, we pour a cold one for our fallen establishments.

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