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Wayne Coyne, of the Liberty Hall-bound Flaming Lips, just wants your full attention

The Flaming Lips are Lawrence-bound, but first Wayne Coyne has a few things to say.



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You also have a generous attitude with your fans. Do you think artists should be as accessible as possible, within reason?

I think they should just do what they like. For anybody in the audience, that's what is of the greatest benefit. When I've been around artists, I feel like it's a luxury to be able to hear the truth. People aren't obligated to tell you the truth, even in your life. There are people in your life that won't tell you the absolute truth. For me, the artists that I really relate to, they cannot live anyway else. They have to live what they think the truth of their own lives is, and that's important. For me it's not about whether I agree or don't. I just love being in the presence of people who are really living their own trip. They're not worried about what's cool or being embarrassed or making money or any of those things. They're doing their thing, and it tells you how to live. It tells you, this is the way that we should live our lives.

We like some artists because they're generous, and they give love and they have a lot of really cool-sounding ideas, but we really want them to say, "I am what I am, and I hope you love me." That's what makes great art. I think that's why I'm so drawn to animals and nature — there's nothing fake, you know? Humans are very hard to read, but it's very rewarding to read them as well. When I run into people that I relate to, it's like a volcano going off — it's great. To run into someone like Ke$ha or Erykah Badu — I mean, they're like my sisters. We could sit there and talk for weeks about music and art and crazy shit that they do. I get more out of it than they do. I think they're thinking I'm just a weirdo, but it's fact. People should be the way they wanna be and hope it works. I would always say that it's better to be kind, whether you're famous or not, or live alone. Just be a kind person, and the world is already a better place because of that.

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