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Pink Grease

The Pitch asks prolific eight-track crusader Ariel "Pink" Rosenberg of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti all the pertinent questions about music, mouth noise, mullets and various foodstuffs.


RC: What's the last incredible song you heard?
AR: "It was 'Deploration de la Mort de Johannes Ockeghem' by Josquin Desprez. He was a Flemish composer circa 1450. It's beautiful, from before tonality came into focus. The harmonies that arise out of music that was oblivious to harmony are absolutely astonishing."

RC: How'd you get the name Ariel Pink?
AR: "I just put it on a CD one time, and I figured I had to stick with it. I often curse myself for using that name, because it's kind of silly. But the worst thing anybody can ever do is take themselves too seriously -- when rock and roll takes itself seriously, it turns into some silly shit like Sonic Youth or the Velvet Underground."

RC: The mouthed percussion you use in your songs is unique. Why did you start doing this?
AR: "When you're just making up songs and you don't have any equipment or drum machines around, you just kind of click your mouth or whatever. I just started to do it when I'd record. I can't get that sound out of a lot of drums or drum machines. Otherwise, I'd use them. It's just the easiest way to actualize what's in my brain."

RC: Mullet or metalhead perm?
AR: "If I had this question on a paper in front of me, and I had space and didn't have to choose between one or the other, I'd probably go on a diatribe about the frivolity and the senselessness of it. Like this whole infatuation people have with nothingness and nothingness as currency. Let's talk about the babies with distended bellies. Let's not talk about being kind to people. There's a book about mullets! Fat, stupid Americans get their kicks making cracks about Vanilla Ice's haircuts. Fuck all that stupid shit. It's so not important. The fact that that even goes through our brains, ever, that we even have conversations about hairstyles, apparel, fashion and what's cool today -- stupid. And that's what popular music is like. Like, 'I like Interpol, and so I'm better than somebody who likes Britney Spears' or 'I'm supercool because I'm ironically liking Britney Spears.'"

RC: Ramen or SpaghettiOs?
AR: You know, you can live on ramen -- it's cheap. But goddamn, SpaghettiOs are good. Those meatballs, I would just suck the sauce off of them and spit the meatballs out. I fuckin' love SpaghettiOs.

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