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Pigeon John

Sunday, April 16, at The Granada


As evidenced by his last two albums — Pigeon John Dates Your Girlfriend and Pigeon John Sings the Blues!Pigeon John is the kind of guy who talks about himself in the third person. Narcissism is not an unusual trait for a rapper — heck, Eminem's entire career is based on his ability to turn nearly every song into a mini-bio. The difference between the blond bombshell and the birdman, however, lies in the delivery. Pigeon John doesn't whine at listeners; his life stories are crafted with a romantic affection that's less a confessional than it is a two-way conversation. But he's not a sap, either. The Los Angeles underground wonder understands the delicacy of wordplay and makes it palatable, even when it's some ridiculous tale about a goat named Sam doing coke in the back of a bus. (That's a metaphor, right?)

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