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Thursday, June 19, at the Bottleneck.


If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then the affections of Phish fans must be nearing critical capacity. Yet the fanfare generated by the Vermont quartet's return from its two-year hiatus has led to unreliable presale ticket lotteries and increased prices, which in turn have left some of the band's faithful out in the cold. Fortunately, there's a Boulder, Colorado-based outfit that can help them get their Phix. Celebrating the music of Phish, Phix explores the band's sizable catalog without the awkward canned gestures and uncomfortable look-alike efforts of most cover bands. What the group might lack in trampolines and muumuu-sporting drummers it more than makes up for in earnest energy and impressively capable chops. Though it might seem that guitarist Paul Murin, keyboardist Derek Berg, drummer Chris Sheldon and bassist Brian Adams are merely reinventing the wheel, Phix proves there's room for a few more spokes, and plenty of people are willing to watch it spin.

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