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Perceptionists, featuring Mr. Lif.

Monday April 25, at the Jackpot Saloon.


If you took the converse of Fox News and gave it a microphone and some beats, Mr. Lif would be the one dishing out the fair and balanced coverage. On his various Def Jux releases, Lif's lyrical themes strike some varied and unique stances. He isn't afraid to unleash highly informed denunciations of the status quo, and he isn't shy about sharing personal stories about his campaign to be a career MC, sometimes getting cartoony with Blade Runner-themed boasts about blowing shit up on the mike with a futuristic arsenal of heavy artillery. On Emergency Rations, the Boston MC drops some rhymes straight out of a freestyle think-tank session with Noam Chomsky and some punk MCs lining up the Bush White House in their crosshairs. If the CIA or some other shadowy Homeland Security spooks don't get to him first, we'll hear what Lif has to say about postelection America with some freestyles ripped from New Republic headlines.

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