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Penny Dreadful

Fragment G


Penny Dreadful is another KC-based five-piece, one that shares Mercury's love for warm, sun-inspired tones and affinity for casual profanity. That, however, is where the similarities end. Penny Dreadful plays midpaced, foggy metal, with clear introductory guitar parts leading into sludgy assaults. Lyrically, singer Rodzilla takes a Fear-style anti-p.c. stance, taking shots at Bill Clinton and O.J. Simpson between making proclamations such as I ain't gonna watch Sister Sister/It's time for Hogan's Heroes. There are several inspired moments on Fragment G, such as the sampled hand-clapping gospel intro to "Hell Sucks" and the added vocals on "Creepy Kids" from what sounds like the kindergarten of the damned. On "Resident Alien," the band's heaviest offering, bass and guitar trade segments, with the low end providing much of the power. Its sound might not be for everyone (the group cites "musical differences" as its reason for vowing to never again play at Davey's Uptown), but this release proves that Penny Dreadful is talented enough to prohibit lazy critics from chopping the "Penny" from its name and turning in a one-word review.

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